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When it comes to the latest licensure requirements for Certified Public Accountants, some accounting programs just don’t add up. Meet our MS in Accountancy, the degree designed for the latest and highest standards set by the California Board of Accountancy.


If you want to thrive in today’s real world of business, you need a degree that’s ready for it! We design our programs to meet rising standards, increased competition, and new requirements for the best business careers. We offer flexible scheduling, small class-sizes, personal attention - even programs and locations tailored to your professional experience. Ready to learn more?

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing

With its healthy projected job growth and diverse array of options for specialization, marketing represents one of the most exciting fields in business. From managing overall marketing strategies for an business, to handling public relations, to forming and managing sales and business-to-business (B2B) accounts and processes, the work of marketers can make or break a business in a competitive environment.


Many businesses function by compartmentalizing materials, resources, research and development, accounting, planning, and more. Marketers bridge the gap, using all of those areas to increase the capacity of the business to compete in the marketplace and build relationships with consumers. If you enjoy working with strategy, new ideas, and interaction with others, marketing could be a good choice for you.


Course Example: MKTG 656 - New Product Development

The new product development process from idea generation to commercialization. Examines how start-up companies and product development departments of major organizations develop new products. Analytical techniques used in ideation, product concept development and evaluation, concept testing, product testing, and product launch.


Due to the highly competitive but rewarding nature of related careers, the right education and opportunities for experience are an essential start for any student in finance. Most degree holders in Finance enter into careers as financial analysts, financial advisors, or financial managers. In an organization, financial managers are often responsible for the management of investments, financial reports, and strategic planning and goal-setting to support the mission and vision of the organization. 


Leading to one of the most diverse career paths available, an education in management includes aspects of all areas in business. From analyzing operations, to managing materials and employees, to strategic planning, a student of management learns what makes organizations and business tick.


A degree in Management can lead to a rewarding career in any field. From a physician opening a private practice, to a scientist leading a research team, to a foreman on a construction site, all benefit from a solid foundation in business and management education.

Law, Policy, & Ethics

Management theory and business philosophy are furthered by those studying the development of and interactions between business ethics, economic development, poverty, fraud, organizational dynamics, game theory, negotiation, and legal issues. The Law, Policy, and Ethics concentration within our General Management program provides an excellent foundation for students entering careers in business, law, healthcare, non-profits, and more.

H.R. Mgmt

Essential to the success of any growing business, human resource management can mean the difference between a motivated and productive workforce and a loss of competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Human Resource positions require a broad understanding of business practices, a current knowledge of legal requirements, and developing other employees. This provides an excellent background to increase promotion potential within the field, as well as multiple skill sets leading to other areas within business. Human Resource professionals often make excellent team leads or heads of department due to their ability to build, motivate, and sustain dynamic and effective teams in the workplace.


At La Sierra University, we believe education should be current, relevant, and applicable to the career potential of our students. In addition to offering several well-rounded concentrations in business, our Program in Customized Majors works directly with students to identify and develop the best and most useful educational experience possible.

  The teachers offered a customized solution for each of us. I don't think you can get that in most MBA programs. The program gives you a better understanding of how to keep health care balanced with the rest of business, and teaches you to communicate on a level playing field. I think if you can't understand the business of health care, you can't make changes that need to be made. We learned how to understand financial operations, improved our negotiation skills, and gained a broader perspective on managing, including not treating people like a commodity.  

Jeff Grange, MD, MBA
MBA For Physicians

Master of Science (MS) in Accountancy

While other fields may experience slow job growth, demand for graduates experienced in accounting continues to rise in the United States. Designed for new 2014 standards established by the California Board of Accountancy, this program is an effective preparation for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination and other professional accounting designations including that of Certified Management Accountant. In an effort to standardize education requirements. the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy is encouraging all state boards to require substantially equivalent educational requirements with 150 semester (or 225 quarter) hours as the standard. California legislature requires that all CPA candidates will have to meet the Uniform Accountancy Act's educational requirement prior to licensure. In addition, the program will help students develop critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills, as well as the ability to research complex accounting-related issues and apply research findings in relevant professional settings.

  Every day I go to school with a big smile knowing that I will learn something new and move one step closer to my goal—becoming a professional accountant. Because of the culture of openness, carefulness, and peacefulness, I—a foreign student—feel that I am part of the family. The professors at La Sierra are very passionate about helping students become the best they can be, both spiritually and academically.  

Mimi Phan, MBA
On-campus MBA Program

Why choose La Sierra University for Accounting studies?

In our Zapara School of Business, we believe that the value of your education is found in how you can use it right now. So we not only hire professors with the highest level of education available in their respective fields, we find those who are also active in research, publications, consulting work, and other opportunities for active engagement in accounting. By the time you graduate from La Sierra University with an MS in Accountancy, we want you to already have valuable experience not only in the standards and practices of this field, but in acting as a leader, a team-member, an effective communicator, a sharp analyst, and an ethical decision-maker.

How large is the Accounting program?

We believe in the value of small class-sizes combined with highly engaged professors. We limit the maximum enrollment of each of our accounting courses to thirty students or fewer, allowing our professors to work closely with each student, maximizing their potential for learning. In addition, each of our professors holds regular office hours, a time for students to meet with them for assistance, questions, advice, or even to learn of networking or career opportunities. There is nothing that delights our professors more than students interested in their own growth.

Are there extra-scholastic opportunities?

Yes. We strongly believe in the value of engagement outside of the classroom. All students are given opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom in useful ways to our local and global community. Whether it be through community engagement in our Service-Learning courses, student-led projects in our Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Team, events and activities with our highly active business club and other student groups on campus, our students learn through experience.

We also work actively to engage students in job and internship opportunities. The fact that La Sierra University lies in the fastest growing county in the state and a city known for its affinity to business provides our students with excellent prospects for local work and internship opportunities. Our annual Meet the Firms Night event stands as one such opportunity for students to meet and network with potential employers.

Are you CPA ready?

When it comes to the latest licensure requirements for Certified Public Accountants, some accounting programs just don’t add up. Meet our MS in Accountancy, the degree designed for the latest and highest standards set by the California Board of Accountancy.